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Fall Work Day
8/13/2016 8:00 am

Work Day Details:

  1. Install mulch in all playgrounds
  2. Weed Pre-K4 garden
  3. Weed and trim bushes for garden in front of school and add mulch
  4. Add mulch to planter in front of school
  5. Pull any large weeds in rear play areas prior to spraying week killer
  6. Spray weed killer in rear play areas
  7. Weed-eat campus
  8. Trim trees as needed
  9. Touch-up paint on campus

Items to bring:

  1. Blowers
  2. Weed-eaters
  3. Brooms/Shovels/Rakes/Spreader rakes
  4. Wheelbarrows
  5. Chainsaws - handheld and extension
  6. Gloves
  7. Ladders
  8. Pick-up Trucks
  9. Trailers
  10. Anything else you think you might need to help get the campus ready for our children and teachers.

We have a lot of work to accomplish, so please join us on the 13th (even if you can only join us for a couple of hours).  We should be done by mid-afternoon. 


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